Typhoon Yutu: South Korean military jets rush to save tourists from decimated island Saipan

By On October 28, 2018

Typhoon Yutu: South Korean military jets rush to save tourists from decimated island Saipan

South Korea has sent a military jet to Saipan to rescue its nationals stranded on the island due to Typhoon Yutu.

Some 1,800 South Korean tourists are said to be trapped on the island, the main of the North Marianas, without electricity or basic supplies for survival.

The international airport on the island has been closed since the horrific storm decimated areas of the Western Pacific on Wednesday.

Ima ges on social media showed some buildings near the airport levelled by the storm.

Saipan's international airport was wrecked by the storm (AP)

This rescue operation for South Korean tourists was detailed by the countryĆ¢€™s Yonhap News Agency.

An air force official said: Ć¢€œThe plane will carry stranded South Korean tourists and residents in Saipan to Guam.

"We're planning to transport our nationals twice today, but things can change depending on the situation."

Much of the island of Saipan was destroyed by the storm

The plane is capable of taking 114 people at a time and more may be commissioned to make flights.

A first batch of South Korean tourists were taken from the island on Saturday night.

Authorities across the Northern Mariana Islands called for urgent supplies and equipment on Friday, as they prepared for weeks without power after being hit by their most powerful typhoon in half a century.

Cars were left wrecked under rubbled of damaged buildings

The tragedy killed one woman and caused widespread destruction.

She was reported to be a 44-year-old and killed while sheltering in an abandoned building that collapsed on Saipan.

Super Typhoon Yutu was a category five storm and struck the US Western Pacific territory overnight on Wednesday.

It pulled down hundreds of electricity poles, damaging homes and commercial properties.

On the island of Tinian, which took a direct hit from Yutu, the mayor asked for tools, machetes and chainsaws to help clear debris.

He also urged residents to be patient and conserve fuel, food and water.

US health secretary, Alex Azar, declared a public health emergency for the islands on Thursday in a bid to boost access to medical support to them.

He described the typhoon as a "catastrophic" storm.

Source: Google News South Korea | Netizen 24 South Korea

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